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Make Brushing your Pet's Teeth Fun!

Imagine if you had never brushed your teeth before. Horrible isn’t it? Well the same goes for our furry family members, they need their pearly whites feeling fresh and clean just like humans do. We al...
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Shedding in Cats and Dogs

After a long day cleaning the house, there’s that wonderful feeling when you sit down, with a celebratory cup of tea, and appreciate your hard work. That is until all the kids come home…. especially t...
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KONG recipes for your pet

KONGs are a fun, innovative way to feed your cat or dog. They are a tool that helps us engage in play with our pets, can help in the management of behavioural issues like separation anxiety, and they ...
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The importance of oral health in pets

Your pets oral health is a key element in their overall health and wellbeing, and can impact far more than their teeth and gums.  From dental disease to serious liver and kidney infections, there are ...
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Solving problem puppy behaviours

Puppies are at their most impressionable between 8-14 weeks old. The keys to success are supervision, consistency, patience and praise – ideally you’ll be with your puppy so you can have heaps of fun,...
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