New Year - New Vaccinations

January is the month of motivation; we are getting everything in order to prepare for a prosperous and positive year. This new beginning is usually a reminder for most pet parents to get all their pet’s vaccines updated so that they are protected from the nasty, and in most cases potentially fatal, diseases out there. It can be difficult to remember which vaccines we need to organise and when they need to be given to our pets. That is why we are here to help! Let’s break down the important vaccinations to book in, so that we can start ticking some of our ‘to do’s’ on our ever-growing new year list.

Types of diseases that can hurt our canine companions include:

· Parvovirus: This disease is highly contagious and is usually spread through contaminated faeces. Once it is in the soil, this infection can last for a very long time. Therefore, your dog is always at risk regardless of the time an infected dog has been in the area. Parvovirus is an extremely dangerous disease that can be fatal. Vaccination to prevent Parvovirus: C3 or C4

· Distemper: Some of the symptoms of distemper include vomiting, spasms, diarrhoea and progressive paralysis. Although distemper is not a common disease in Australia, it can lead to brain damage and death. Therefore, it is better to be safe than sorry. Vaccination to prevent Distemper: C3 or C4

· Hepatitis: Particularly dangerous for puppies, this disease has a range of symptoms such as fever, bruising, abdominal pain, depression and loss of appetite. Vaccination to prevent Hepatitis: C3 or C4

· Canine Infectious Cough: The main symptom of this disease complex is your dog coughing, retching and gagging, which is a very painful and unpleasant experience. Infectious cough is spread through contact with contaminated respiratory secretions. Regardless of whether your pet is regularly socialising with their furry friends, it is important to safeguard your pet from this disease as it can be spread through gates and fences. Vaccination to prevent Canine Cough: C5 C5 vaccination is a mix of C3 and CC, or C4 and Oral PBS. A vital vaccination for your pet.


The infections to be aware of for our feline friends are:

· Feline Upper Respiratory Tract Infection: You may know this disease by its nickname cat flu. The symptoms for this infection include chronic sneezing, red eyes and nasal discharge. This disease is very similar to the human version. Vaccination to prevent Cat Flu: F3 or F4

· Feline Panleukopenia: Commonly compared to the canine disease Parvovirus, this infection has similar symptoms including vomiting, lethargy, loss of appetite and it can be fatal. This is particularly dangerous in pregnant cats as her kittens can be born with severe neurological damage. Vaccination to prevent Feline Panleukopenia: F3 or F4



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